Hillsboro No. 1

United Youth Group

What do you do in a United Youth Group?

You Take Part in Meetings Regularly

  • All meetings and group events will be under Adult supervision
  • You will learn to open and close meetings efficiently and with dispatch
  • Ceremonies are used to show the aims and objects of the group
  • Practice a democratic process
  • Use parliamentary laws
  • Learn love of your country, your parents and of friends
  • Associate with boys and girls of your own age, and serve and share with others

You are helped in your seeking and finding of personal ideals

  • You learn how ideals are translated into personal living
  • An adequate faith and philosophy of life are necessary for everyone, you are encouraged to be active in your choice of worship

You Become Alert to Community and Civic Needs and Conditions

  • You are encouraged to find out what is going on at the City Hall, in the legislature, in your Country's Capitol and in world affairs
  • You will learn to know your neighborhood and its needs
  • You will do your part to promote understanding and cooperation among people of different creeds, nationalities and races in your community and the world at large

There are many Odd Fellow Youth Camps for you to enjoy

  • You may plan weekend trips within your lodge
  • You may plan dances
  • Fund raising projects
  • You may plan anything else that your lodge might enjoy

Requirements for United Youth Group Membership

  • You must be 8 to 18 years old (in accordance with jurisdicitional rules)
  • Have good moral character
  • Believe in a Supreme Being
  • Petition a United Youth Group
  • Download the application

To apply for membership with a United Youth Group, click HERE to download the membership application.

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